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Will He Wait In 2015?

Yes would be the simple answer here. There’s more behind that yes, which is probably why you’re reading this currently. I figured that this was the perfect time to rehash one of those really good conversations on celibacy. You see, America’s Golden Boy Russel Wilson currently dates the “cute an ting” Ciara. In a recent […]

Could Abstinence Lead To Dishonesty

I was fortunate to connect with a friend through Skype last week. She’s currently doing some foreign exchange in Hawaii (fun as hell I know). While speaking with her, she also included her friend she made in the program as well. Somehow it slips out that my friend enjoys my insights on relationships. It’s at […]

Do men respect abstinent women?

We always welcome reader questions, comments, and feedback here at SBM. You can check out our SBM Mail series here for past submissions, and you can submit your own inquiries using the Contact Us page. Today’s reader asks: Hey Single Black Male first off I like the site keep it up. To start off I am choosing to be abstinent, I […]

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