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Why Women Cheat

For whatever reason, I’ve often found the explanations behind why women cheat to be far more sophisticated than why men cheat. So, when I saw that the “experts” over at COSMO had parsed the reasons down to a simple list of five, I decided to take a read. My three favorite are below. 1. Going […]

How Not to Cheat: A 5 Step Tutorial

To begin, let me point out that the vast majority of people will never cheat. To the degree there is a consensus on the subject, a number of studies have conservatively estimated that at least 80% of married people have never been unfaithful. There’s only one problem with that statistic – it doesn’t account for […]

Dating a Married Woman

As some of you know, I occasionally pen posts for BadOnlineDates.com’s Male Point of View. This week, I was asked to provide the male perspective on sleeping with a married woman. I could of made this a moral debate, but is that really necessary? I assume we all know cheating is wrong; yet, 10 – 25% of […]

5 Tips for Dating a Married Man

I’m not easily shocked, but when I came across one of today’s Huffington Post articles, Affair Survival: Tips For Dating a Married Man, I was admittedly taken aback. First, I can’t even mentally comprehend the visceral response that would have rained down upon the proverbial head of a man who authored Tips for Dating a Married Woman. Secondly, […]

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