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Why Women Seem To Date With An Agenda

It all starts yes with AGE. Its not something that I as female can deny. With all the available anti-aging products in the market, there is no denying youth is in, getting old is out. You age, you wrinkle (it’s like having your outer packaging becoming damaged, and who doesn’t want shiny goods), and you […]

I’m Too Old for This Sh*t

I don’t have a big intro today. Honestly, I’m just feeling like lately there are a lot of things that I’ve outgrown and I’m just getting too old to deal with. Here are a few things that come to mind since transitioning to the city that never sleeps: The Club Scene I learned this after […]

Age vs. Maturity

**I felt this way in January of 2009. My thoughts are still very similar, but the readership here is a lot different now. Enjoy. -Slim** As I revisit 2008 and consider my approaching birthday a couple months from now (Pisces), I’ve realized I’ve come a long way over the X # years I’ve been on […]

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