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Last Day to Make It Happen

Hey SBM Fam, Just a reminder that Friday is the last day to vote for us in the finals of the Black Weblog Awards. If you haven’t done so and support what we’re doing here, please go to the Black Weblog Awards site and find us on the ballot in the following categories: Best Blog […]

Help SBM Be Great. Do Your Part.

Hey Folks, Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying the summer weather sans tornadoes. Just wanted to remind people to vote for Single Black Male in the finals of the Black Weblog Awards if you haven’t done so already. If you voted back in April during the nomination period and think the job is done, it […]

SBM Announcements Before the Rapture

Hey Folks, Comments of the Week is preparing for the Rapture, so instead we decided it’d be a good time to update and remind you of some of the happenings here at SBM. Since attention spans are even shorter after 5pm on Friday, we’re not gonna waste time gettin’ to it: SBM in Black Weblog […]

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