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7 Things Men Need To Stop Doing To Women

  Every now and then I remember that we haven’t done a post outlining advice for men in a while. It’s not that we don’t have opinions about men and the things they can do better; it’s that we get bombarded with questions from women all the time. We address those issues first because that’s […]

9 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

If you know anything about women, you know that there are just some things that you should never say to them. Don’t worry, they brought this on themselves. They say they want men to open up to them, but we’ve got a history book full of stories about men who tried and failed miserably. They […]

Are Women Using Their Men Wrong?

The other day I was reading about What Women Really Want in a Relationship, as theorized by TIME magazine. As is usually the case when I read about things pertaining to “understanding” women I left more confused than when I showed up. Despite my fabled history in writing about the opposite sex if there’s anything […]

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