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Dogs Chase. Men Don’t.

In this episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss the aftermath of Valentine’s Day including skating in the name of love (3:45), men pushing it to the limit with selfies (20:35), the Jordan Davis trial outcome (27:00), the difference between hot and beautiful women (39:50), a black neighborhood fighting to keep a […]

We Want Women Who Enjoy Being Feminine

Until I started having substantive conversations with a female friend who has a history of emotional trauma, I had no idea why so many women choose to act in masculine ways. I didn’t understand why the concept of the “fierce” woman was seen as a desirable model for behavior. I thought these women were difficult […]

Men Don’t Like Pretty Women

Just waking up in the morning, gotta thank God, I don’t know but today seems kinda odd…and it probably felt odd because the first headline I came across today read, “Your Gross Face Shape is Probably Ruining Your Chances of Finding Love.” Ready your helmets, because your mind is about to be blown! An excerpt from the […]

She has on shoes

SBM: “Damn … she looks better than a negative on an ex’s paternity test ribs on a Sunday afternoon” Denise (My Female Friend): “What? Who are you talking about?” SBM: *while pointing* “Her right there! I mean … look at all that.  And you know I rarely am brought to comment on a random chic.” […]

You’re not that hot …

There is a syndrome I have noticed for many years.  A mental disorder, an abnormality, a deficiency that is plaguing scores and scores of black women.  It can be debilitating towards relationships, finding a mate, and even just interacting with others on a platonic level. This disease is known as heightened sense of attractiveness … […]

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