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I’m Not Saying You’re a Gold Digger

Website: http://www.WisdomIsMisery Twitter: @WisdomIsMisery In one of the many battle of the sexes over on black Twitter a significant number of women were discussing income requirements for the types of men they would date. Eventually, the number $100,000 was settled upon. Basically the premise was that any man that didn’t make at least $100,000 would […]

Obama … The Father in Law

I just got into my house and am running of about 3 hours of sleep and a 5 hour energy shot I took 6 hours ago … and something about standing up for 9 hours straight in order to watch history makes your body tired and sleepy and … well … enough of my complaining […]

The Ultimate Strong Black Woman

***** Admin Note ***** I’m out in the streets … fighting the cold and crowds to be a small part in some big history! OBAMA! OBAMA! Slim … handle this … – SBM ********************** I was digging through my archives again and came across something that I thought would be relevant today. Sorry, no relationship […]

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