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She Got Body: Back Then They Didn’t Want Me…

“She Got Body” is a three part series I’m beginning today. In this series I’ll give one black man’s opinion on different topics concerning body image in today’s society. Throughout the series I’ll do my damnedest to be sensitive to most feelings. I can’t please everyone, but I think there are some conversations worth having. […]

Love at First Sight: The Beautiful Black Woman

While entertained by the usual shenanigans of Twitter yesterday, an interesting post title caught my eye. Originally published on August 16, 2011, TheBlackManCan.org Twitter’s account @TheBlackManCan shared one of their throwback post, His Story: Falling BLACK In Love about a man’s instantaneous and unapologetic love for a beautiful black woman he but briefly encounters. I felt this story definitely […]

Prototypes of Beauty

“Man … she’s sexy as hell” “What are you talking about … she’s OK” “She got a$$, perfect breasts, and some sexy legs” “Her face is jacked, and she just got on some low cut stuff showing her titties off” “You telling me you wouldn’t smash?” “Yeah … but I wouldn’t let her set foot […]

Love Goggles

***** Admin Note ***** For those that miss the Twitter Feed on th site … its coming back … it was causing some issues.  You can follow my twitter site or add me on myspace with the links on the page now.  Enjoy *********************  She is beautiful, goergeous, and just sooooooo sexy.  You look at […]

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