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15 Things Good P Can Do

So it was only right that 15 Things Good P Can Do had to be written, after 15 Things Good D Can Do. Because there ain’t nothing like some good P, however there is also an alarming rate of wack box that inspired another post called 6 Signs You Have Insecure P, a disease that is plaguing […]

15 Things Good D Can Do

Some say women make the world go round, but they forgot about the power of good D. Every man has a penis, but every man doesn’t have good D. From experience, I know the privileges given to you when you handle your business. I’m talking about laying it down so good, she peeking out the window every time […]

5 Things That Make Sexy Moments Unsexy

Good sex makes for great stories. Bad sex makes for even better ones… unless you’re the person telling them. There’s always satisfaction and humor found in the unfortunate occurrences that happen to others. In this case, they also make you think of your own erotic escapades.  Even when you hear about people upside inside out living mediocre […]

Bedroom Shenanigans

I like s*x. S*x makes me feel great. I probably think about it at least 30 times a day (more like 100) and each thought is usually different than the previous. There are so many positions and scenarios that run through my dirty mind that I could make a female psychic blush, giggle, and cut […]

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