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Love at First Sight: The Beautiful Black Woman

While entertained by the usual shenanigans of Twitter yesterday, an interesting post title caught my eye. Originally published on August 16, 2011, TheBlackManCan.org Twitter’s account @TheBlackManCan shared one of their throwback post, His Story: Falling BLACK In Love about a man’s instantaneous and unapologetic love for a beautiful black woman he but briefly encounters. I felt this story definitely […]

SingleBlackMale Stumbles on SlutWalk

The other day @TheNation, a left-leaning political on-line periodical, tweeted the link to an article called, What to Wear to SlutWalk. I was intrigued. Clicking on the link, however, lead me to an article with different subject matter than I expected. An excerpt: The first SlutWalk, organized last April by Heather Jarvis and Sonya Barnett […]

Are Black Women Racists Towards Latinas?

***Dr. J’s note***Tomorrow’s my birthday.*** I’m not going to waste a lot of time rehashing points that we all know to be true.  Black women do not like white women stealing their men.  They don’t like it one bit.  Black women have put in significant amounts of work towards supporting their men despite jail, drugs […]

You, my friend, are a racist

*Enter the scene* SBM and his good friend Denise are driving through the local bar section of their Alma Mater, a Primarily White Institute in the ACC. There are currently Lets take a look at their conversation. Denise: *pointing out the window* “Ugh … that just makes me sick.” SBM: “Please tell me your not […]

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