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The Designated Boyfriend

On my personal blog, I like to give accounts of different events in my life. For example, my Globetrotter Confessions series documents the crazy things that happen to my friends and I both out of state and abroad. I’ve decided to give similar accounts of my partying experiences (clubs, house parties, etc) to give people, […]

SBM Answers: No good ninja

**** Admin Note **** The site has been redesigned, but nothing crazy.  Small changes will be coming throughout the week. And before anyone asks THE OLD FORMAT IS NOT COMING BACK! It was buggy and caused a lot of behind the scene problems, but I am all about my readers … so any criticisms or […]

What Women Want From Men? … That’s Easy!

What do women want? A question that has plagued many males. A question debated and argued in barbershops, dorm rooms, strip clubs, and in psychological circles across the country. The basis of a few movies, at least one doctorate thesis, a couple case studies … and a memorably episode of “Save by the Bell: The […]

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