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4 Good Things About Break Ups

Some people view break-ups like they are the end of the world. Friends console you as you mope around for a good three to four months, but everything isn’t so bad about cutting your loses and calling it quits. Here’s ‘Four Good Things About Break-Ups’: 1. It’s a Relief You ever break up with someone, […]

Throwing in the Towel

All good things must come to an end at some point. I guess the same can be said for awfulness or unpleasantries  as well. In many situations, we have some type of control over the end point. If we hate a job, we tighten up our resumes so we can start looking. If we’re good […]

Church is soooooo Good

I have been going to church for a long time … a long long time. I was baptized as a baby … then I became that baby in the back crying and messing up the sermon … then I became the energetic toddler getting into trouble in Sunday school … all the way to now […]

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