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How To Escape Emotional Purgatory

  Dear SBM, I am fairly recent college graduate that is living in NYC. When I first moved here, I got into a relationship with a young Harlem man who I essentially got in a “situationship” with. According to him, he was giving me all of the benefits of a boyfriend, yet was reluctant to […]

The Nugget: The Magical Re-appearing ex

This isn’t about chicken nuggets or gold nuggets or even the Denver Nuggets.  It’s about something far less valuable.  You know that little teeny weeny itty bitty little nugget that just won’t go away?  No matter how many times you flush it, it just won’t go away.  It just keeps coming right back up.  For […]

Rantings of an SBM

It has been a CRAZY ass week.  So you know I got plenty to get off my chest. This f*cking site is giving me an ulcer.  The amount of time I am spending in the comments section, in addition to the sleep I rob myself updating and running this one man show is stressing me […]