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Who Decides What “Making Love” Is?

[embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DsWazTC6_w[/embedyt] It’s Monday night, and we are in the midst of a big time snow day here in the northeast. That’s right, if you reside in a city in this vicinity then your city will be cuff city for a couple days. What better time to have a little fun with this topic. F****** vs […]

The Sex Cloud

First and Foremost … I am the president and founder of the Anti-Celibacy Movement (ACM) here on this site.  I think that sex is good and we as adults should engage in healthy sex with people who deserve it as often as possible.  And I wholeheartedly promote not sleeping around and racking up numbers … […]

You Might Be a Jumpoff [VIDEO]

I’m a real big fan of Jia TV, a video blog by a cute(I think she’s sexy), funny, ATLien about love, life, porn, and a bunch of other random stuff. This is one of my favorite posts. She lays out some of the clear cut signs that you are just a jumpoff.For those who don’t […]

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