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Is Celibate The New Single?

Have you ever had one of those intimate conversations that just could go on forever? You don’t even realize the hours that have flown by, but your cheeks hurt from smiling and you can’t stop blushing? You share parts of yourself in ways you hadn’t expected, or maybe even experienced. You feel truly known, and you truly know the person across from you: dreams, goals, loves, everything. You are known intimately - not known physically just yet – and even though you’re ready, you’re not in a rush. Imagine if this were the core of your relationship; this love you always express, and this lust you haven’t tapped into. Imagine being intimately and truly seduced, before having sex.

Will He Wait In 2015?

Yes would be the simple answer here. There’s more behind that yes, which is probably why you’re reading this currently. I figured that this was the perfect time to rehash one of those really good conversations on celibacy. You see, America’s Golden Boy Russel Wilson currently dates the “cute an ting” Ciara. In a recent […]

Celibacy: Do You Stay Or Go?

(Photo Courtesy: Rollingout.com) For some reason or another, the topic of celibacy was on my mind the other day. In the realm of relationships, the topic has always fascinated me. I wanted to bring you all my ideas and see if you could relate. Maybe some of you have your own stories to share or […]

SBM Answers: Should I tell him I’m celibate?

****** Admin Note ****** I don’t know if everyone else has noticed the “falling back” of SBM on the site, twitter, and email.  I haven’t been commenting as much and have been off the scene a lot.  Well, the true reason for it is … I’m moving to Atlanta.  By December I should be a […]

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