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Men Speak ENGLISH … Women Do Not!

**** Admin Note **** Today we welcome back Wisdom is Misery.  Remember you can find a whole library of his entertaining posts at WisdomIsMisery.com. – SBM ***************** LADIES, men don’t read signs. And even if they did, historically men are bad at asking for and following directions. Although everyone knows we are far better at […]

Men know Women, Women Don’t

I’ve always had a few females friends. I used to think they were good resources for back when I was socially awkward and lacked the ability to talk to women.  I figured “girls know what other girls like.  They will lead me out of this awkward phase”.  Man … I was kidding my self. Some […]

She hate me

Jackie: “I can’t stand Shenise” Rob: “What are you talking about? You have been friends for years” J: “Yeah … but today she said that I sometimes get mad.  What kind of bs is that! I don’t get mad!” R: “Are you serious? Everybody gets mad at times.  Your overreacting” J: “Whatever.  Me and her […]

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