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Do We Even Need To Date Anymore?

Perusing the internet searching for a topic for this week’s blog I found a lot of the topics were all about the same thing. I think that most blog sites are always trying to convince people that something is missing or something went away that used to be here. Now at times they could be […]

She Wants A Strong Black Man! Is That Weird?

Keep the letters coming. Well written, relationship & dating focused, and in need of advice. Why wait? Send your question to sbm@singbleblackmale.org. We’ll say something, but the SBM family will say more. Hey Single Black Male, How are you? I’m a 25 year old woman, who has a great job as an engineer. I take […]

F*** Chivalry

*** SBM Special Note *** At Single Black Male we strive to present a balanced argument.  Along with the usual “what’s wrong with women posts”, we have also covered man-whores, ways for men to show their love, and the state of Black Love in order to keep things balanced.  But sometimes … we gotta say […]

Where is my Dowry?!?!?!

Chivalry and the “old school way” of dating are hot topics here at SingleBlackMale.net.  Apparently there are a lot of women lurking in the comments section who yearn for the old school chivalry (which is dead) that used to be so prevalent.  They want to reminisce … Well … SBM wants to live in the […]

Chivalry … this bullsh*t again

I was gonna take this day off and go relax … but comments yesterday forced me to say a few words on the subject.  If there is one thing the “blogoshpere” is not lacking … its some woman begging, pleading, and compaining about chivalry, the lack of it, or why it has degnerated over time. […]

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