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Our 5 Favorite Drake Moments From The ESPY’s

Last night, Drake hosted the ESPY’s in Los Angeles, CA and did not disappoint. He managed to keep the crowd engaged and laughing throughout. He was one of the bright spots of the evening weaving in jokes that were both humorous and poignant. Not too much can be said about his fashion decisions… or the […]

Chris Brown Can Beat Me

This was the sentiment expressed by, at minimum, 25 Chris Brown fans during the Grammys last night. I’m sure they didn’t expect their Tweets to be shared around the world on sites like the Huffington Post, but such is the nature of the Internet. Some apologized, but most acted defensively. They preferred to rely on […]

Eff Rihanna

F*ck Rihanna and her fire engine red hair!  I’m so sick and tired of this broad I didn’t even expect to ever have to go here, but it has to be said.  Something is seriously wrong with Rihanna and we all know it.  What does it say about a person who goes along with Rihanna […]

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