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Thirsty Thursday: Are You What You Drink?

Just last night while sipping some concoction I’d made with my spanky brand new Cobbler Shaker, I thought “If someone saw me, this bearded 5′ 11” guy drinking this passion fruit, fresh lime juice and Tito’s vodka mixture what would they think?” It’s well-known that you’re homeboys won’t really offer you anything other than whiskey, […]

Thursday Feature:

This one came in recently by someone who wants to be known simply as … Kwame.  His real name has been witheld at his request because he knows (as well as I) that he is going to catch hell for his words. I want to thank Kwame for his original piece that can only be […]

Thursdays Feature: Mean Black Women

So its another Thursday and another featured blogger.  This comes from “The Late (not so great) 20’s”, a great spot you should check out.  Now, I read this post and feel I really need to write a reply, but I need to highlight her work … but sadly … I disagree so much. Won’t go […]

The B*tch Breaker: The Guy That Doesn’t Get Turned Down

*Disclaimer* – The name was developed a long time ago at a different point in my life.  I have already introduced the BB moniker to others and don’t want to change it … so if your offended … don’t be and stop crying                                                                                    – The Management  To start this one, I have to talk about the percentile […]

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