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Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

I recently read an article on (the sarcastically titled) BlackGirlsAreEasy.com called How to Talk to Women – a post offering advice to men on how to approach and talk to women – that contained a one-liner that caught my attention. Any dude who says he doesn’t know what he wants from a girl he’s known for […]

7 Reasons Why Men Can’t Do Nice Things

I was perusing Madame Noire’s homepage yesterday and came across an article titled “7 Things a Man Only Does If He’s Serious About You.” Being the curious lad I am, I clicked through to see how the author, jaustin, would translate a man’s actions into womanspeak. Jaustin is normally one of my favorite contributors at […]

Why Men Don’t Commit

***Admin Note*** I want everyone to welcome back the one and only, Wisdom Is Misery for yet another banger … enjoy. -SBM ************ There is nothing complicated about a man, NOTHING. We are not the cold, calculating, robot-like machines some women seem to think we are and if you happen to fall into that group […]

Why He Can’t Let the Game Go

Are men afraid of commitment? No because I believe that most men want to settle down at some point which suggests they’re not afraid only putting it off for later. Why? Simple, because they still have something left in the tank. Look at Kurt Warner and Brett Favre in the NFL, they are both pretty […]

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