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Why Has He Given You the Crazy Chick Title?

Strolling the streets of the Internet and I ran across a short list of reasons that men like to title women… “crazy.” I’ve made a personal challenge and commitment to not use this terminology because I think it’s lazy and men should just articulate themselves better. Nonetheless, these eight  things are actually spot on for […]

Fact or Fiction: Do Men drive women crazy?

For years I’ve heard from various female friends, my sisters, and other family members that men drive women insane. That we, through our thoughts, words and actions, can cause a brain hemorrhage and force an unsuspecting innocent female to go estupido loco on a dude. To this I yell Shenanigans and Poppycock! In fact, I […]

6 signs that she is crazy … for real

***** Admin Note ***** It is official … I am now an ATLien. After a very long weekend, a lot of miles on the car, and alot of UGK and Gucci Mane to keep my sanity while driving, I am not in my new apartment in Atlanta.  My love for DC will stay on into […]

She hate me

Jackie: “I can’t stand Shenise” Rob: “What are you talking about? You have been friends for years” J: “Yeah … but today she said that I sometimes get mad.  What kind of bs is that! I don’t get mad!” R: “Are you serious? Everybody gets mad at times.  Your overreacting” J: “Whatever.  Me and her […]

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