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Do Men Need To Show More Affection?

Men and affection will always be a topic of conversation. The relationship between how we show affection and our age group plus societal influences will always have it’s relevance. Recently I read a tweet from a young lady I follow on Twitter. I consider her to be a pretty sharp girl and I value her […]

No Valentine? NO PROBLEM!

It’s that time of year again. Tweets of bitterness of conversations of $200.00 dates can only mean one thing! It is Valentine’s Day season. Three days from you reading this I am anticipating that you’ll be occupied exactly how you wish to be. Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the most polarizing holidays that we […]

Should Women Help Pay for Dates?

Editor’s Note: A few members of the SBM team have begun contributing their thoughts on dating and relationships to the popular website, Madame Noire. This week I was asked to provide the male perspective on if or when women should offer to pay for dates in response to the following article from Marissa Ellis’ Dating Dynamics: When […]

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