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Oh you FANCY huh?!

***Admin Note: New to our speadshirt site is the offical “Fancy” women tees! If you want to let the world know how fancy you are, or question the next heaux’s fancy style, this shirt is for you! www.singleblackmale.spreadshirt.com – Tell a friend to tell a friend!! – Streetz *** If you’ve heard both The-Dream and […]

Friend: A 4 letter word

Definitions of friend on the Web: a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; ally: an associate who provides assistance; acquaintance: a person with whom you are acquainted The word friend is a term that many of us use very loosely. It seems nowadays that ANYONE can attain that label with a simple “hello”. It […]

The Independent Woman

***** Admin Note ***** Remember … we’re trying to get this award … so take 30 seconds and bless us with a vote … pretty please. And don’t forget to also vote on the new poll.  This is America … exercise your rights! – SBM *********************** Whether it was by circumstance or by choice, we’ve […]

Propensity to Holla

**** Admin Note **** I am pleased to say the response to my call for writers was greater than expected.  So, starting tomorrow, and lasting probably 2 weeks, I will be having about 3 guest posts a week.  I want criticism, comments, and feedback from all to see who people like.  Email me, comment, be […]

Freaks, Hoes, and Freaky Hoes …

Something I have noticed for years and it has annoyed me for all of those years.  Two terms that are often used interchangeably … when they really speak to two different aspects of sexuality. I am here to discuss the difference between (sexual) freaks … and hoes. *Flashback* SBM: Man … did you ever mess […]

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