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4 Reasons Not to Cheat on Your Wife

The divorce rate is at an all time high and alimony settlements are even higher. Divorce hearings are starting to look more like NFL contract signings because these heffas are getting broke the f*ck off. The list of celebrities that pay exorbitant amounts of alimony is almost identical to it’s who’s who list. Tiger finalized a divorce that will make […]

The Root of All Evil

Money is the reason many of us are awake right now.  After all, it’s pretty hard to make money in your sleep…for those of you that do make money in your sleep, shoot me an email asap.  Money affects every area of our lives, especially the relationships we have with people. Nothing else in the […]

I Date for Convenience

This past week while I was takin’ my hiatus from blogging, I was havin’ one of those all too familiar conversations with one of my boys. We were discussing factors that go into a relationship that often go unmentioned because nobody really wants to admit them. What I’m going to talk about today is something […]

Throwing in the Towel

All good things must come to an end at some point. I guess the same can be said for awfulness or unpleasantries  as well. In many situations, we have some type of control over the end point. If we hate a job, we tighten up our resumes so we can start looking. If we’re good […]

We want prenup!!!

You don’t plan to crash your car … but you get insurance … right?! You don’t plan to fall on your motorcycle … but you wear a helmet (at least I do) … right? So why not get a prenup? *Disclaimer*: Just for all you overly sensitive individuals reading (you know who you are) … […]

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