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Podcast: Django Unchained, The N-Word, White People and Punching Samuel L. Jackson in the Throat

On Thursday’s show, @WilliamHStrafe, Streetz & Midtown Mo discussed the “controversial” movie Django Unchained. Young Ness was also on the show, although he hadn’t seen the movie yet (but he got a clean bootleg though!). We discussed Spike Lee’s (foolish) feelings toward the movie and Dick Gregory shooting it down. We also discussed the following… Whether the use of the n-word made us […]

Is Django Racist: A Look At The Conundrum Tarantino’s Latest Created In Progressive Black America

No single Hollywood film in the last decade has sparked the kind of controversy and wide-ranging response as Quentin Tarantino’s latest, Django Unchained. Is Django racist? Some believe it is, some have said it’s one of the year’s best films and everyone seems to have an opinion on the film’s larger impact. One of the more interesting, though hardly […]

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