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What Is Marriage Material?

The love bug seems to have been striking like a “motha” and it’s definitely a good look. I can’t remember a time when the celebration of nuptials and the celebration of pregnancies were almost congruent. What people have been complaining about for years might be getting satisfied. For years now on social media we’ve seen […]

The Engagement Ring

A symbol of your love.  A symbol of your commitment.  A symbol of the undying love that he holds for her.  Something to be adored … something to be cherished. A colossal waste of money. Yeah … I said it … and every single guy reading this, your dad, his dad, that guy at Kay’s […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Proposing

I tried to write this in a general way, so that everyone could learn and grow from my words. I failed … I concluded I know me … so this is really “10 Questions I Must Ast Before I Propose”. Maybe you’ll still learn something though. I tried to put them in order of importance, […]

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