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When Feminists Attack Male Bloggers

I love the Internet. It’s the only place where people create fictional images of themselves and then project that image until they either develop a following or earn notoriety. At times that notoriety is for being absolutely ridiculous. And while I’ve been no stranger to attacks on the Internet by people who have created an […]

Don’t call me sweetheart!

Summer in New York City is unlike any other place on Earth. The city that never sleeps gets better weather, more daylight hours, and double the events. Last weekend was no different. A plethora of events engulfed the 5 boroughs that would constitute a holiday weekend in other places. We had Hot 97 Summer Jam, […]

The Independent Woman

***** Admin Note ***** Remember … we’re trying to get this award … so take 30 seconds and bless us with a vote … pretty please. And don’t forget to also vote on the new poll.  This is America … exercise your rights! – SBM *********************** Whether it was by circumstance or by choice, we’ve […]

The New Leader of the Feminist Movement

My musical tastes have been discussed a lot.  Sure … I love me some chopped & screwed music … but I’m not so one dimensional. As of late … I started listening to the radio.  This was mainly brought about because I had absolutely no idea why every woman kept saying “If you like it […]

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