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Why Being Fiscally Responsible Is Sexy

It’s amazing how many layers to dating there are. The more time flies by, the more different things begin to matter more to me. These things aren’t usually things that you can see. They’re really ideas, attitudes, and philosophies I look for a potential prospect to have. In conversing with different people, I try to […]

Having Kids Doesn’t Make Cents

Few would argue that America isn’t a capitalist society. Therefore, I guess it was only a matter of time before we began assessing the impact of choosing to have or not have children through an economic viewpoint. Back in the day, it was easy to justify why having more children made sense. As an agriculturally […]

Why Money Is More Important Than Sex

Slim: What’s your approximate credit score? Amber: Not to be rude, but that’s none of your business. Slim: Damn, you got that much debt huh? Sallie Mae busting the windows out your car? Amber: I didn’t say all that. It’s just something personal. Everybody don’t need to know my personal info. Slim: Okay, well how […]

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