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Do you want to end this? … Hell no!

Janelle: “So, I have a question I have to ask you?” DuWayne: **prepares for the worst from his 6 month Friend With Benefits** “What’s up?” J-lo: “Do you want to end this?” D-Block: “I’m not sure what you mean? End our relationship?” J-lo: “This isn’t a ‘relationship’ and I don’t think you want a girlfriend. […]

RAW: The S*xual Multitasker

In continuing with this week’s theme of responding to reader questions, I’m gonna summarize part of a reader’s email to us and include a good chunk of her actual words. I’ll follow that up with my thoughts. Let’s begin… The reader had her eye on a dude who works in a store she frequents. She […]

Can I Get That In Writing

“To put it another way, every love relationship is based on unwritten conventions rashly agreed upon by the lovers during the first weeks of their love. On the one hand, they are living a sort of dream; on the other, without realizing it, they are drawing up the fine print of a contract, not unlike […]

FwB != Jump Off … I need validation

I’ve talked about Friends with Benefits before … and I’ve talked about it in the comments section … and I’ve talked about it with friends … and I guess I just got some more … questions. First and Foremost … I am now at a point in my life where I want a girlfriend.  I […]

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