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Mr. Cee and Black Male Sexuality

  It’s been some time since DJ Mr. Cee began to open up more about his sexuality. Not that it was anyone’s business anyway, but he was engaging in “illegal” activities; in particular, soliciting transgender prostitutes for fellatio. That is the only reason his activities were made public. He could’ve been a little bit more […]

Your Man is Gay, Now What?

  I learned a long time ago that if a woman starts her sentence starts with, “I know you not gon’…”, run like hell. Gloria: Yeah, uh, I thought that maybe we, you know, like last time.  David: I should be honest with you.  Gloria: About what?  David: About me.  Gloria: What about you, hmm?  […]

“Girl … He’s Gay”: Female Homophobia

“He’s got on a pink shirt … He’s Gay” “He wouldn’t buy me a drink at the bar … He’s Gay” “He said he rather see ‘the guys’ than me … He’s Gay” “He said the word ‘toiletries’ … He’s Gay” “He didn’t want none of this p*ssy … He’s Gay” I know the whole […]

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