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Stop Breastfeeding: How to be an Attractive Man

source: http://heritagehealthmagazine.com/ Fellas, it’s crucial that you understand these two things: Seeking the approval of women actually repels them How to stop breastfeeding There’s always going to be some woman, somewhere, who’s annoyed or upset with you. If you spend your life trying to please the women around you, (1) you’re going to miserable, and  (2) […]

How to get women by being “cool”

***** Admin Note ***** First and foremost … I want to point everyone to their local newstand where they can get a glimpse of SingleBlackMale.net in the January Issue of Essence Magazine (pg. 62).  Go tell your friends (Shout out to Demetria). Just finished another B-school application and my body is weary.  This is a […]

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