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Why You Should Wait to Get Married

Now that the drinks have been poured, the black-eyed peas and cabbage have been eaten, the midnight prayers sent to heaven, and the hangovers are fully nursed, 2014 has officially begun along with a new set of challenges to tackle. The most pressing one being to stop writing 2013 when it should be ’14; that […]

We Want Women Who Enjoy Being Feminine

Until I started having substantive conversations with a female friend who has a history of emotional trauma, I had no idea why so many women choose to act in masculine ways. I didn’t understand why the concept of the “fierce” woman was seen as a desirable model for behavior. I thought these women were difficult […]

5 Ways to Prevent Self-Sabotage in Dating

It’s clear that there are many dating faux pas out there. As culture advances, so must archaic dating customs. People must think more with their heads and not their instincts. Scientific research has proven that most of what governs people’s dating practices is linked to hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Keeping this in mind, understand that technology […]

Fight or Flight: The Break Up Reflex

My break up  was over sex and religion. We’d had the conversation several times before – even before we got together, but we kept going back to the bedroom. The flesh is weak like that! Eventually, I started feeling really convicted over the sex. The last time I approached her about it, she knew I was serious (for […]

Most Men Will Never Abuse A Woman

This post is in response to a question about the animalistic nature of men in society, and it expands on a comment I originally made on What Do Men Learn About Rape Growing Up? Q: Are men as animalistic as society portrays them to be when it comes to self-control and sexuality? There are animalistic […]