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Got head?

This week my friend sent me this link and asked me what I thought about it. I thought to myself,  “women still need help on giving head? That doesn’t make sense.” She told me that even in 2010 there are women who are; not giving, timid, or insecure. Later in the day I would find […]

To Swallow or Not to Swallow

There is a question that I discussed before.  Its a topic that has been talked about amongst friends, blogs, and college dorm rooms for years.  It has made its way into television, radio, and several facets of mainstream media. Here at SBM.net … we are no stranger to hard hitting topics and are not afraid […]

They still make you?

***Admin Note*** New Poll Up.  One night stands … What you think? ***************************** I was sitting one night on my balcony enjoying the lake and sipping on a night cap.  The exact thought process leading me  to my next though is irrelevant … but I soon found myself reliving a memorable scene from college … […]

SBM Guide to Getting Head

So … your laying there with your significant other (or your FwB, Cut Buddy, or one night stand) and thinking to yourself “Ok … so I know I’m gonna f*ck … but my balls (or clit) are dry.  Man … I sure want some head”. Now your mind starts to race.  You know there are certain […]

I’d rather get some head!

“I said I love having sex … but I rather get some head” – Three 6 Mafia To anyone who doesn’t know, respect, and understand the importance of oral sex in 2008 … kill yourself (said in true Three 6 fashion) Don’t get me wrong … sex is great. Sex is wonderful. It can be […]

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