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Stop Bodying Yourself on Twitter!

I’m all for freedom of expression and living your life (no Rihanna), but sometimes people take it too far and don’t even know it. As someone that writes publicly and shares personal details of my slightly above mundane existence, it’s a fine line to walk between keeping it honest and relatable, and turning my life […]

SBM Answers: When we need to be even more clear!

My post Monday (Can I be any clearer?) brought a quick response from a fellow male who is having a recurring issue of being clear just not working (some people are just don’t want to listen).  While my wisdom is deeper than the pacific, I know the collective thought of my great readers is so […]

Honesty … Its whats hot!

Remember that girl who told you “I’m perfectly fine with just a sexual relationship. I don’t need no man all up under me anyway” just to have her crying in your arms confessing her love to you and telling you it was all a lie … in just a few short weeks. Ever had a […]

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