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The One That Got Away

Brother Dr.J’s cautionary tale of when simping goes wrong inspired me to tell you guys a story too. I can relate to J’s plight of simping on a woman for far too long, but that’s not what today’s story is about. I feel J more than sufficiently addressed that topic. Instead, I want to talk […]

I Haven’t Been Fully Honest with You

I woke up this morning to find out that Nathan Fielder had come up with a hilarious new relationship-related prank last night as described in his Tweet below. Here are some of the funnier (or disturbing) responses: @nathanfielder well fuck. twitter.com/NotSoAir_Jorda… — Jordan Sauceda (@NotSoAir_Jordan) May 29, 2013 @nathanfielder Rapid fire replies will not stop. […]

3 Increasingly Lame Blog Rebuttals

The best thing about the sex & relationship blog niche is the discussion. It’s the only niche that brings out men and women in such great numbers to share their thoughts in the same place. Regardless of if you’ve never had a boo or an earth shattering orgasm, sex and relationship talk is universally relatable. […]

Debunking the Myths of Manliness

My name is Slim Jackson and I’m a man. I burp, lean to the left and cut the cheese, play sports, cook steaks, assert my manliness by inserting my manliness into (attractive) members of the opposite sex, and I swear. When disrespected, my testosterone and ego sometimes get the best of me and I end […]

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