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F*** Chivalry

*** SBM Special Note *** At Single Black Male we strive to present a balanced argument.  Along with the usual “what’s wrong with women posts”, we have also covered man-whores, ways for men to show their love, and the state of Black Love in order to keep things balanced.  But sometimes … we gotta say […]

The Independent Woman

***** Admin Note ***** Remember … we’re trying to get this award … so take 30 seconds and bless us with a vote … pretty please. And don’t forget to also vote on the new poll.  This is America … exercise your rights! – SBM *********************** Whether it was by circumstance or by choice, we’ve […]

Chivalry is DEAD … well … Mortally Wounded

My fellow blogger (who I have a secret crush on), The Comeback Girl, wrote a post dedicated to lil ol’ me, called “One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy (Mama’s Little Husband)” which is a very … “interesting” read. My Interpretation of the post: Comeback girl feels that us men have been coddled by our mothers […]


There are several reasons why I want everyone to take the 5 minutes and watch this video, but really, just watch it. Its a rap video (by an “ignorant” southern rapper at that) which has no bouncing asses and women in situations of power and respect. It actually depicts a female president … and its […]

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