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You, my friend, are a racist

*Enter the scene* SBM and his good friend Denise are driving through the local bar section of their Alma Mater, a Primarily White Institute in the ACC. There are currently Lets take a look at their conversation. Denise: *pointing out the window* “Ugh … that just makes me sick.” SBM: “Please tell me your not […]

Thursday Feature: Black Women & Sports Bars

From our good friend Eathan at IDateWhite.com.  I have met a few black women who do frequent and enjoy sport bars (and not just to meet guys) … but I definitely feel him on this one. On a side note … the Thursday Feature Suggestion Box is drying up.  I know there are plenty of […]

Something New

So I was roaming around youtube and found this clip off an NBC news segment about interracial dating. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j30aP2sg2ms] Apparently women are finding opening more and more to interracial dating.  One big motivator is that there is just a lack of “good men” at the higher rungs of the corporate ladder for these successful black […]

Angry Black Woman or Tired Black Man? [Video]

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HVcFyF-mco] Very Smart Brotha’s touched on interracial dating recently, and damned if they didn’t spell it out in very simple terms why many of us have dated outside the race. Watching this clip brought me back to college really quick.  I went to a PWI (predominantly white institute) … so interracial dating and “hooking up” […]

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