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Is Anybody Real in Hip Hop Anymore?

There’s always a big discussion around who’s real and who’s fake in Hip Hop. I’m asking, does it really matter? I’ve always considered Hip Hop to be for entertainment purposes only. In a few weeks, I’ll tackle how Hip Hop’s global imprint causes problems for the way Black people are viewed by the world. However […]

Why Sometimes Perfection Fails

If you’re a man like me, you’ve known this woman.  You’ve bought her drinks at the bar, she’s sat across the table from you on dates, and she’s laid next to you in bed. She’s been a lover, a significant other, a friend with benefits.  She’s perfect, possessed with everything you might ever desire in […]

Has Emo Rap Gone a Little Too Far?

There was a time in this country where all you heard on the radio was Gangsta Rap.  Thank the Lord that’s over.  I can appreciate  Gangsta Rap as much as the next guy, but it was just a little depressing after a while.  After Biggie and Tupac died it was obvious that people actually started […]

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