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Has Emo Rap Gone a Little Too Far?

There was a time in this country where all you heard on the radio was Gangsta Rap.  Thank the Lord that’s over.  I can appreciate  Gangsta Rap as much as the next guy, but it was just a little depressing after a while.  After Biggie and Tupac died it was obvious that people actually started […]

Why Are Black Men So Rude?

  [Dr. J is admiring himself in the mirror, while Reecie is laid comfortably on the bed in nothing but her red heels reading last week’s post from her BlackBerry.] Reecie: “Listen to me, the situation is going to happen to one of you.”  <<<— this is rude. LMAO Me: How is that rude? Reecie: […]

Your Man is Gay, Now What?

  I learned a long time ago that if a woman starts her sentence starts with, “I know you not gon’…”, run like hell. Gloria: Yeah, uh, I thought that maybe we, you know, like last time.  David: I should be honest with you.  Gloria: About what?  David: About me.  Gloria: What about you, hmm?  […]

Angry Birds: An analysis of the term, “Bird”

Bird (noun): –             a person, especially one having some peculiarity –             a girl or young woman –             synonym: ratchet This has nothing to do with this, but only because this was so funny, here are the idioms: –             a little bird, a secret source of information – […]

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Everyone wants to talk about how to make sex better.  Four words, in this order, but don’t feel married to it.  Harder, better, faster, stronger.  Trust me, send the person you’re having sex with this article and see how they react.  Their face lights up, woooooooooooooo! Hit it a little harder next time, don’t be […]

No One Man Should Have All That Power

The Most Powerful Man In The World These days men are able to do some strange things to women.  I never thought growing up that the gender that grew the fastest and matured the fastest would one day be subjected to so many swindles.  But if you listen to women tell it, they’re much smarter […]

Drunk & Hot Girls

Kanye said it best when he lamented, “We go through too much bullsh*t just to mess with these drunk and hot girls.” It’s quite true, how else do you explain shoving a bottle of Patron down the throat of some 5’2”, 115lb, shorty with a fatty? You gave her all that tequila and didn’t expect […]

I’m So Self Conscious

*** Admin Note *** Remember to tell your peoples n’ them that we ain’t blocked at their job anymore.  SingleBlackMale.ORG -SBM ************** The past few weeks have been pretty rough on the ladies… we know. A lot of the blogs that I we write here at SBM sometimes defend men, bash women, or are rants […]

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