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Why Are Black Men So Rude?

  [Dr. J is admiring himself in the mirror, while Reecie is laid comfortably on the bed in nothing but her red heels reading last week’s post from her BlackBerry.] Reecie: “Listen to me, the situation is going to happen to one of you.”  <<<— this is rude. LMAO Me: How is that rude? Reecie: […]

Your Man is Gay, Now What?

  I learned a long time ago that if a woman starts her sentence starts with, “I know you not gon’…”, run like hell. Gloria: Yeah, uh, I thought that maybe we, you know, like last time.  David: I should be honest with you.  Gloria: About what?  David: About me.  Gloria: What about you, hmm?  […]

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