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4 Reasons Why Exes Should Remain Exes

Relationships have their ups and downs, and not every relationship ends happily ever after. Sometimes, when a relationship ends, it’s only the beginning. Many people (including myself) will fall into a deadly trap where they will leave their significant other, only to reunite. I’m here to implore you to reconsider. You know you have reservations […]

The Magneto Complex: Getting dumped for the ex

Today, SBM fam, I speak to you about one type of dating paradox that occurs with men and women. It’s happened to me, and after reading this blog, you may determine that it’s happened to you also. I refer to this paradox as the Magneto complex. Why Magneto you ask? Its simple: I’m a comic […]

One Thing Women Don’t Know … Women

I’ve always had a few females friends. I used to think they were good resources for back when I was socially awkward and lacked the ability to talk to women (sadly … this wasn’t that long ago). I figured “girls know what other girls like. They will lead me out of this awkward phase”. Man […]

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