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Battle of the Sexes: Lies and Deceit

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t. Unfortunately/fortunately, that’s not the point of today’s post. Miss Jenkins and I actually want to discuss the topic of lying and deceiving others as it relates to each gender. Yes, everyone lies, but we do it for different reasons at varying frequencies about different topics. We got into a […]

He said, She said… Everybody Lying!

“And so I stay clear, We from a small town, And everybody talks and everybody listen, And somehow the truth just always comes up missing.” – Aubrey Graham (I swear, I’ll stop quoting Drake now.) We’ve been talking a lot about the summer and what the summer brings us. As we get ready to show […]

Nope, Doesn’t Count

So as we sit two days from the smuttiest holiday all year, I just want to remind everyone life is cumulative and not on an occurrence by occurrence basis.  This is a FaceBook note of mine from 2007. I wanted to repost it because recently some of my posts have inspired some crazy comments about […]

True lies

“Men lie, women lie, the numbers don’t!” – Jay-Z We all lie. This is no secret. Especially when dealing with the opposite sex. Whether we want to protect feelings, lessen the wrath inflicted upon us from a mistake we made, or we fail to follow through on a promise, we have our reasons for these […]

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