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She Got Body: Back Then They Didn’t Want Me…

“She Got Body” is a three part series I’m beginning today. In this series I’ll give one black man’s opinion on different topics concerning body image in today’s society. Throughout the series I’ll do my damnedest to be sensitive to most feelings. I can’t please everyone, but I think there are some conversations worth having. […]

Weapons in the War … Advantage: Women

“Man … she looks good. Her figure is on point, them breasts are looking lovely, that ass got me hooked, and the legs are soooo sexy. Man … I could go on all day about why she is just gorgeous.” “Girl … He’s sexy. He’s … swole and got a cute face.” … thats it […]

Can’t look at ass all day

Being a Black male, I’m accused of being obsessed with only ass, tits, or looks in some way shape or form on a daily basis. Those close to me know the truth, but when the topic comes up it seems that its always assumed I am an ass man, and that a “dyme” piece is […]

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