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Women Who Lie

For as much as women will claim that men are liars and you can’t trust a man as far as you can see him.  You could say the same for women.  Women lie about everything, everyday, as many chances they can get.  They probably lie more than men.  Women lie as if their lies don’t […]

Is your friend obsessing over a guy?

It can be extremely difficult to find the man of your dreams these days. And even still, finding him is the easy part, you’ve got to win him over too. It was once said, “You need to look in the mirror, maybe you’re not your type’s type.” Your friends may not be helpful either. I […]

Honesty … Its whats hot!

Remember that girl who told you “I’m perfectly fine with just a sexual relationship. I don’t need no man all up under me anyway” just to have her crying in your arms confessing her love to you and telling you it was all a lie … in just a few short weeks. Ever had a […]

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