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My Expectations Of Marriage

  Happy holidays to all you good readers of SBM. I hope your season is filled with joy, health, safety…and gifts! I have a fascination with marriage. My curiosity goes from why do things fall apart to what makes things stay together? Were some marriages doomed from the start? There are a whole litany of […]

The Problem of the Inflated Black Male Ego

Becoming A Good Black Man is a Great Accomplishment. As one, I think about it every once in a while. My public schools were all below average; I was more likely to turn to a life of crime; I was more likely to acquire less education (even compared to my female counterparts); I was less likely […]

Pharaoh Class: How to Attract a Superwoman

As you approach the Pharaoh phase of your life, in which your stars are aligned and your personal/professional affairs are at their peaks, you’re probably done playing with shallow girls and ready for a real empress. The player period is over and your jersey has been inducted into the Hall of Game. That doesn’t mean […]

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