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Having Kids Doesn’t Make Cents

Few would argue that America isn’t a capitalist society. Therefore, I guess it was only a matter of time before we began assessing the impact of choosing to have or not have children through an economic viewpoint. Back in the day, it was easy to justify why having more children made sense. As an agriculturally […]

The Single Life is The Best Life

As occasionally happens, an old blog or news story begins making the rounds again and has a resurgence to “viral” status. In fact, sometimes a post I wrote in my younger years comes back from my writer’s closet to haunt the older version of myself. It happens to the best of us. This recently happened, […]

It Doesn’t Pay to Be Single

Last month, “The Atlantic” released an interesting piece called The High Price of Being Single in America. Since that title might not thoroughly traumatize you as much as it should, I’ll share a quote from the article, “Over a lifetime, unmarried women can pay as much as a million dollars more than their married counterparts […]

Dating a Married Woman

As some of you know, I occasionally pen posts for BadOnlineDates.com’s Male Point of View. This week, I was asked to provide the male perspective on sleeping with a married woman. I could of made this a moral debate, but is that really necessary? I assume we all know cheating is wrong; yet, 10 – 25% of […]

Married Men Are Lame

As I get older, I’m 29 with two grey hairs in my beard, more and more of my friends are getting married (or divorced, but that’s not today’s focus). For most people, this is the natural progression of life. You get older, the people around you get married and if you’re unlucky lucky, you get married […]

Why We Get Mad at Our Wives

Earlier this week, CNN hosted an article from Parenting.com called Why We Get Mad at Our Husbands. After reading the title, I hoped to find insight on why women get upset with men and steps I could take to avoid the wrath of my future wife. I had no such luck. Instead, I reached the end […]

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