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Has Emo Rap Gone a Little Too Far?

There was a time in this country where all you heard on the radio was Gangsta Rap.  Thank the Lord that’s over.  I can appreciate  Gangsta Rap as much as the next guy, but it was just a little depressing after a while.  After Biggie and Tupac died it was obvious that people actually started […]

Music is Changing My Life

I wrote a post a while ago on how I hated R&B. I used to feel like it put me to sleep and it was often for the emo. I could barely get through an album in Itunes without having to switch to some upbeat hip hop song with gunshots. Well, maybe not gunshots, but […]

I Hate R&B: The Slim Jackson Edition

I like music. I like rap music. I even enjoy ignorant gangster rap. I don’t enjoy Soulja Boy and other songs that hypnotize people into doin’ a series of coordinated dance moves. Only dance I’ll do nowadays is the Electric Slide and maybe the Young Joc motorcycle thing. What happened to Young Joc anyway? Eh, […]

Tongue Rings

So my vacation starts today … and I haven’t bought any gifts … but just because I love all of ya’ll so much … I still wanted to put something out for you poor individuals still stuck at the office today. But … Its gonna be short and sweet. Let’s start it with one of […]

The New Leader of the Feminist Movement

My musical tastes have been discussed a lot.  Sure … I love me some chopped & screwed music … but I’m not so one dimensional. As of late … I started listening to the radio.  This was mainly brought about because I had absolutely no idea why every woman kept saying “If you like it […]

F*ck R&B!

“Man you hear that new Raheem Duvan joint” “No” “You catch that new Ne-yo song … its hot” “No” “I know you heard that new Chris Brown one about being in love to the point you cry.  Joint had me crying last night and everything.  Its fire!” “Naw man … I don’t listen to that […]

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