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Online Dating, Valentine’s Day Struggles, Love in Space, and More

**Visit www.twoguysoneshow.com for all episodes plus additional content and comments.** Episode Title: Racist Black Soap In this episode, Rich and WIM discuss an outer space offer and government shady schemes (10:20), the Valentine’s Day struggle (15:30), an important Public Service Announcement about a personal problem (21:30), navigating social events while in relationships (25:30), bootleg Burger King […]

Technology Assisted Dating

Today’s guest post is from a writer from across the pond. I’m sure he thinks Americans are <redacted>, so be sure to prove him wrong by showing him some love in the comment section below. LOL! Welcome today’s post from Ian Forrester. Enjoy! ********* I live in Manchester, no not Manchester Alabama, Georgia or anywhere […]

Online Dating: Wave of the future.

Its 2008.  There is technology available to us and ingrained into our daily lives that our grandparents could never have dreamed of … all of it greatly effecting the way we date and love in the 21st century. Now you have cell phones, giving use 24 hour access to your boo.  There is GPS tracking […]

SBM Answers: Disposable Black Women?

Its been awhile since I responded to an email.  They haven’t been coming in as often as usual (in addition to a small backlog on my part).  Remember … got a burning question … hit me at sbm@singleblackmale.net.  While I am only one man with one opinion, the comment sections go crazy with good (and […]

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