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Dogs Chase. Men Don’t.

In this episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss the aftermath of Valentine’s Day including skating in the name of love (3:45), men pushing it to the limit with selfies (20:35), the Jordan Davis trial outcome (27:00), the difference between hot and beautiful women (39:50), a black neighborhood fighting to keep a […]

Online Dating, Valentine’s Day Struggles, Love in Space, and More

**Visit www.twoguysoneshow.com for all episodes plus additional content and comments.** Episode Title: Racist Black Soap In this episode, Rich and WIM discuss an outer space offer and government shady schemes (10:20), the Valentine’s Day struggle (15:30), an important Public Service Announcement about a personal problem (21:30), navigating social events while in relationships (25:30), bootleg Burger King […]

The Introvert Struggle, Street Harassment, and Where the Good Guys Are

On this episode, Rich and WIM discuss the (male) introvert struggle (16:50), bloggers as the new journalists (30:50), Drake and Sasheer Zamata on SNL (41:25), The Richard Sherman debacle and online the proliferation of ignorance and fake outrage (46:05), perceptions of wealth (1:01:15), where the “good guys” are (1:26:08), street harassment (1:35:30), and more. Link […]

Listen: Our Hairlines Hath Forsaken Us

Rich and WIM talk Blackberry struggles, ratchet ass MLK party flyers, gender equality, Gabby Sidibe and other celebrity responses to shade, going bald (too soon), and more. To jump to the baldness discussion, go to 53:55. Direct Download Link iTunes Twitter: @IAmRichJones, @WisdomIsMisery, @TGOSPodcast www.facebook.com/twoguysoneshow www.twoguysoneshow.com

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