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Hustle Hard by The Doctor and Slim

Dr. J: It’s a Sunday afternoon and sitting in a crowded bar with friends, I tell them that I have to step outside for a few minutes to take a call.  Of course my friends say, “Oh my god! Work on a Sunday.” I don’t bother correcting them.  My 9-5 job is overbearing at times, […]

SBM Comments of the Week 5/9-5/13

This week was aggressive. We mean that in a good way. Slim started the week with raw truth that hurt souls and Most ended it making women cry tears of happiness. We’ll spare you the long intro and just give you the comments of the week. Enjoy. From KAPSpecial on Why Wasn’t I Good Enough? […]

SBM Comments of the Week 5/2-5/6

Before we get into the comments from this week, voting/nominations for the Black Weblog Awards ends on 5/7. If you have not voted for us in the first round, but you visit daily…cmonson. If you have voted, we love you — unless you’re a man in which case we’ll just dap and say “good sh*t […]

The People Who Read Your Blog

She’s reading this article. He’s looking at a Tumblr site. More men should read SBM.org, tell them that. In my opinion the best music tours of all-time, of the ones that I was able to attend; (1) Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige – while not my favorite, can’t knock that type of star power in one place, […]

Because You Been Drinking…

  A few weeks ago, I showed up to some bar and my friends had already been there.  Almost immediately upon walking in, someone said something extremely offensive, but they laughed about it too.  And I hate when people do that, they try and laugh so it seems like a joke, but between the two […]

I’m Good and Grown. You’re Nuts.

Single men have never been civilization’s most responsible actors; they continue to be more troubled and less successful than men who deliberately choose to become husbands and fathers. –Kay S. Hymowitz in WSJ So I write for a troubled website? Rush to fatherhood is more responsible than taking my time and getting my life in […]

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